Friday, April 17, 2009

A Great Afternoon

What a great afternoon for The Kingston Tea party in front of the mall in Ulster on Wednesday. Well over two hundred people came out in support of a great cause - our country! But what was really encouraging were the hundreds of cars and trucks beeping their horns in solidarity and giving us the thumbs up. It seemed like every few seconds another horn was beeping, it was great. The crowd was great, there were veterans, seniors, lots of young people, housewives, business types, a real good mix. All of the people I spoke with expressed a deep concern for the direction our country is heading in. This countries moral, spiritual and economic health was on people's minds. Don't let anybody try and fool you because this event was strictly grass roots. I heard about it from a friend via email and saw five people there that I told. The internet is a very powerful tool. To political leaders like Nancy Pelosi who mocked this groundswell of the people by calling it "astroturf," in other words fake, I would say if you want to see something fake Nancy look in the mirror at your face. The mainstream media's coverage of the tea parties  was ridiculous. Why is the left in this country so uptight about conservatives coming out in support of the things they believe in? That is a very interesting question. Could it be they are afraid? Could it be they know they're wrong, that we can't spend our way to prosperity? I would like to thank whoever organized this happening because they deserve three cheers. Here is a very well done video of pictures from the event, enjoy!  


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