Tuesday, March 3, 2009


ix years ago (how time flies!), because of a series of unplanned events, I was asked to run as Conservative Party candidate for Town of Saugerties Supervisor.  I did so without any other major party backing.  I decided at the outset that if I was going to do this, I would raise issues in public that were important to me.  My campaign cost $50.   I had a blast meeting and talking with folks all over the Town of Saugerties.  I wrote a series of articles that the local papers published (until they caught on to what I was doing and stopped publishing them). 

Looking back I can say that one of the principle reasons that I ran for Supervisor was the importance of land use in the the Town of Saugerties, an issue that continues to be relevant.   The following four articles have themes that are still timely -  education, taxation, the economy, land use, and the importance of long term thinking.  I will re-visit these issues in the months ahead.  

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